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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vegetarian chili

(a super easy recipe)

2 cans pinto beans

1 can kidney beans

2 cans black beans

(or you can do 1 pinto, 2 kidney)

1 can corn, or about 1- 1.5 cups frozen corn (I prefer the frozen)

1 small can tomato paste

1 16 oz can diced or chopped tomatoes

olive oil

garlic (jarred is fine)



chili pepper flakes

add about 4 tbs olive oil to a large pot.

Add in about 4 tsp crushed garlic

Let garlic brown. Add about 1.5 tsp chili pepper flakes. This wont make it too spicy and its important to let the pepper sauté at this point

Add about 1 tbs cumin and 2 tsp tumeric.

Quickly stir in all the beans. If cant stir them all in make sure to stir in at least one can so that the spices don’t burn.

Let simmer for about 5 min.

Then add in all the tomato products

Let simmer.

Will be done in 5 min, but gets tastier if you let it simmer on low for closer to 20 min.

If you want to make it spicier- put in more pepper flakes at the beginning and then add some ground cayenne pepper while its simmering.

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At 7:07 AM, April 16, 2010, Anonymous Maaya said...

hi, this looks real nice. so many times thought how to make vegetarian chili. never realy found that one recipe.. ill this out thanks


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